Aringo client accepted to Wharton with a $80,000 scholarship

Aringo client, GMAT score of 650, accepted to MIT!

Aringo's Chicago admission rate is 61% higher than Chicago’s regular admission rate.

Two Aringo clients accepted to Kellogg with $60,000 scholarships

Aringo client, GMAT score of 580, accepted to Harvard!

Aringo's Columbia admission rate is 93% higher than Columbia’s regular admission rate.

Aringo client accepted to Harvard with a $65,000 scholarship

Aringo client accepted to Berkeley with a $40,000 scholarship

Aringo client, GMAT score of 640, accepted to Wharton!

Aringo's Harvard admission rate is 42% higher than Harvard's regular admission rate.

Six Aringo clients accepted to Chicago with scholarships of $140,000 each

Aringo client accepted to MIT with a $70,000 scholarship

Aringo client, GMAT score of 670, accepted to Harvard!

Aringo's INSEAD admission rate is 103% higher than INSEAD's regular admission rate.

Three Aringo clients accepted to Chicago with scholarships of $130,000 each!

Aringo client, GMAT score of 630, accepted to INSEAD!

Aringo's Kellogg admission rate is 100% higher than Kellogg’s regular admission rate.

Two Aringo clients accepted to Chicago with scholarships of $110,000 each

Two Aringo clients, GMAT scores of 660, accepted to Harvard!

Two Aringo clients accepted to Chicago with scholarships of $125,000 each

Aringo client, GMAT score of 640, accepted to Kellogg!

Aringo's MIT admission rate is 130% higher than MIT’s regular admission rate.

Aringo client accepted to NYU with a $45,000 scholarship

Aringo client accepted to Kellogg with a $70,000 scholarship

Aringo client, GMAT score of 660, accepted to Wharton!

Aringo's Stanford admission rate is 114% higher than Stanford’s regular admission rate.

Four Aringo clients accepted to Stanford with scholarships of $20,000 each

Aringo client accepted to UCLA with a $40,000 scholarship

Aringo client, GMAT score of 630, accepted to LBS!

Aringo's Wharton admission rate is 43% higher than Wharton’s regular admission rate.

Aringo client accepted to Darden with a $34,000 scholarship

Aringo client accepted to NYU with a $60,000 scholarship

Aringo client accepted to Columbia with a $30,000 scholarship

Two Aringo clients, GMAT score of 640, accepted to Duke!

Aringo client has been offered a $40,000 scholarship to attend Tuck

Two Aringo clients, GMAT scores of 640 accepted to INSEAD!

Aringo client has been offered a $22,000 scholarship to attend Kellogg

Three Aringo clients, GMAT scores of 680 accepted to MIT!

Two Aringo clients have received $25,000 scholarships to attend Wharton

Aringo client, GMAT score of 600, accepted to Duke!

Two Aringo clients have been accepted to Stanford with scholarships of $30,000 each

Two Aringo clients, GMAT score of 660, accepted to INSEAD!

Aringo client accepted to Wharton with a $50,000 scholarship

Two Aringo clients, GMAT score of 650, accepted to LBS!

Aringo client accepted to UCLA with a $35,000 scholarship

Aringo client accepted to Chicago with a $80,000 scholarship

Aringo client accepted to Tepper with a $48,000 scholarship

Five Aringo clients accepted to Michigan with a $20,000 scholarship each


Client Letters - Aringo Reviews

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Dear Aringo team,
I would like to thank you for being by my side through out the application process till the point I secured a position with a B-school of my choice. As an international client and a first time applicant I had a lot to learn about the tricks of the trade and Aringo's customized and relentless coaching is the only reason behind where I am today.
Oxford - Said - 2014

My experience with Aringo was exceptional. After talking with several admissions consultants from other companies who thought I was trying for schools out of my reach, I went with Aringo because they understood my situation. I had a large amount of anxiety in how to craft my essays to let the admissions committee get to know who I was in several short documents. Joy (my consultant) was very detailed in how I should not only approach each topic, but she gave me great advice on where to focus my topics to express my experience/goals. She pointed me in the direction I needed to truly answer the essay questions. Additionally, the mock interview we conducted finalized some things I needed address so that my interviewer left the conversation with a true understanding of who I was and what I wanted to accomplish. I would recommend Aringo to anyone who asked me what admissions consulting firm they should use.

To Aringo staff,
Thank you very much for all your help in the process. Only with your help was it possible for me to apply to the best schools, especially considering my intensive job.
Your ability to take the “giant” application process and convert it to something structured and clear is your real advantage, and this is the reason I advised and will continue to advise others to work with Aringo.

Special thanks go to my consultant who worked around the clock in accordance with my crazy schedule in order to complete the process successfully. She was always a source of guidance and help in dealing with challenges that occurred throughout the process.
Thank you very much.

Harvard MBA 2010

To Eliza and the Aringo staff,
I started my first application 3 weeks before the deadline with no clue of how to write any part of it, from the essays to the application form itself. With your guidance, ideas, and ability to understand the stories I wished to tell, I went on to successfully compose 6 applications in a little less than 3 months.
Eliza, your amazing editorial skills enabled me to greatly improve my stories and focus them around the important points. You helped me to submit applications I could not have written alone. The work was way beyond my expectations.

Looking back, the choice of Aringo turned out to be the best decision that helped me get accepted to UCLA, NYU, and IE, and win interviews at IESE and Berkeley. I know the Aringo staff’s contribution made all the difference for me.

I warmly recommend to anyone seeking acceptance to the Top-10 to get Aringo’s help to realize their dreams.

NYU MBA 2012

After almost a year of hard work (both yours and mine) I have succeeded and been accepted to Wharton, and I will note that this was in the second round.
I just wanted to thank you for walking me through this long challenging process (from choosing the desired MBA programs, helping me find my creativeness and express it in the best way possible to making it to the deadlines with excellent polished documents) with a lot of patience, serious professionalism and great attitude.
I am sure that our work together made all the difference in how my writing turned out and I know that your efforts in managing all the editing and application details made the final results possible. I would fully recommend your services to anyone facing this task of getting into the top schools.

Thank You Very Much for all your support and help,

Wharton MBA 2013

To Aringo staff,
Thank you for the help and cooperation. I received from you advice rare in its quality and the results are in accordance with the promises.
The guidance, professionalism and speedy response made all the difference and deserve appreciation.
Thanks again,

Columbia MBA 2006

To Danny and the Aringo staff,
The admission process is definitely one of the most exhausting experiences I have ever undergone. It entails an enormous amount of work - from choosing the right schools, through composing essays that are beautifully written yet modest and above all unique, to paying maximum attention to every word and comma.
If someone would have said to me a year ago that in the end I would get to choose between my two top schools, it is very doubtful I would have believed them….I was accepted to INSEAD and Tuck.
The professionalism of Aringo’s consultants and their familiarity with the process and the different requirements are more valuable than gold for someone whose goal is acceptance. There was no question to which I did not receive a detailed answer and with every worry (and there was not a shortage of these), all the relevant considerations were detailed for me and I was left fully assured.
Thank you!


To all the Aringo staff and future clients,
In July 2005 I started the process of preparing applications for universities, with the intention to apply to 5 top schools in Round 1. Thanks to Aringo’s great help, the quick responsiveness and the terrific professional skill, I formulated a strategy and built a “plan of action” within a short period of time. When the interview invitations arrived, Aringo’s help in preparation was also great.
In the end I was accepted to all the universities I wanted (Harvard, Wharton, MIT, Columbia, NYU) including scholarships at Columbia and NYU.
There is nothing left to say except: Thank you so much!

Columbia MBA 2008

To my friends at Aringo,
Your help was simply amazing, and I know that without it I would not have gotten to where I did.
I was accepted to one of my top schools, with a full scholarship for two years, while the year before, when I used a different consulting company, I applied to a number of universities and was rejected from them all. Thank you for everything, and especially for the instruction about the essays.

Carnegie Mellon MBA 2005

To Aringo staff,
Last week (Tuesday-Wednesday), the tension lifted.
I received 3 positive responses (before the official final deadline) from the universities to which I was aiming- Yale, Michigan, and Berkeley.
Also, I have an interview invitation to Duke about which I am debating- troubles of the rich :) …
Much thanks to all the staff!
I had no chance without you.

Yale MBA 2007

To the wonderful staff at Aringo!
Thank you for your help all along the way.
As one who tried to get accepted in the past alone and failed regardless of excellent basic data, I saw with my own eyes how the application I built with your help is more focused and emphasizes my strong points.
Your preparation improved my interviewing ability in a wonderful way. And most importantly, all along the way you demonstrated support, encouragement, and faith.
The investment in Aringo paid off big - I was accepted to the only school to which I applied.
So thanks again, Happy New Year and I look forward to seeing many of your past and future clients at INSEAD.


To Lainie and the Aringo staff,
When I sought to realize my dream to study at one of the top universities in the world, I decided to go through the process with the most professional support I could get, in order to achieve the maximum from my background and data.
Today, when I face a dream decision- Chicago with a full scholarship versus Stanford, I know that a great part of it is thanks to Lainie who escorted me through the entire process: the dedication, professionalism, availability, and ability “to get into my head” in order to translate my experience into the best application possible.
I have no doubt that in such a competitive environment, when the demand for top programs sees new heights each year, it is of utmost importance to seek help with experienced consulting services in order to maximize chances for success. I feel that Lainie helped me convert what up till a few months ago seemed only a dream to a tangible reality.
Thank you!

Stanford MBA 2012

To Aringo staff,
When I heard from two friends who were accepted to Stanford that they worked with you, I did not understand why one would need a consulting company at all. But when I began the process, I understood the size and complexity of the mission. I turned to Aringo because I knew that it is better to succeed the first time, and therefore I wanted to turn to the best company from the start.
I applied to a large number of Top 10 schools in the first round; I was thrilled to be accepted to many more schools than I expected. Aringo helped me to produce a summary of my life in a way that would interest the schools and set me apart from other candidates. They did so with creativity, insistence, and without a doubt stood up to the test of the results.
I realized a dream thanks to Lainie and the rest of the Aringo staff.

Wharton MBA 2012

Dear Aringo staff,
Thank you!
Thank you for teaching me how to play this new and totally foreign field and to win.
Thank you for showing me that you care about the process and result no less than I do.
Thank you for helping me to get accepted to several top business schools with a scholarship.
Thank you with all my heart!

Harvard MBA 2011

Dear Aringo staff,
As the years pass, the application task becomes more and more difficult. Therefore, when I considered how to build the strongest application, I turned to Aringo. Very quickly I understood that I had made the right decision. The professionalism in advising, the ability to highlight the uniqueness of each candidate, and the unwillingness to compromise on the smallest details brought the longed for results. I was accepted to Wharton! Thank you for the amazing investment and fast responsiveness to all my requests, and for the most professional escort throughout the entire process.

Wharton MBA 2010

Let’s start as expected, from the end - I was accepted to my first choice – Stanford, and second - Kellogg. All this I could not have done without the professional help and intensity of Aringo.
I began the process at a very late stage - September 2007, and in reality I squeezed the GMAT, TOEFL, and all the applications into the four most intensive months (in parallel to a demanding job…). Right from the start I understood that without serious help I would not succeed in completing the task.
I understood that without help I had no chance to do all that wan necessary in time and I therefore turned to Aringo. Aringo’s method and the knowledge accumulated there helped me significantly in preparing the materials. Thanks to my consultant, I received daily professional and personal support, a ready ear and advice in every area connected to applying.
My consultant helped me not only in editing but also in thinking about the topics and aspects I would want to emphasize and reinforce as the most important.
I want to thank Aringo for the process I underwent, for the help, support, and professionalism, and especially Jenny who was there for me always, at any hour, and invested a lot more than required from her role.

Stanford MBA 2010

To Aringo staff,
Thank you very much for the professional service, the personal treatment, and mainly the critical help in strategy and planning. You made the exhausting process enjoyable and challenging. I began with doubts and, giving you full credit, I finished deciding between Wharton, Stanford, and HBS.

Thank you very much,

Harvard MBA 2009

To Aringo staff,
I remember that almost a year ago I looked at this exact page and wondered about the possibilities that would open up for me. So like they love to say at Aringo, “The result speaks for itself.”
I was accepted to Stanford, Wharton, LBS, and Carnegie-Mellon with a significant scholarship. I started relatively early (around May) and the work was very pleasant and relaxed..
The cooperation was very fruitful and obviously successful, and without a doubt your help, mainly the perfectionism expressed in word for word analysis, was a significant factor in my acceptance.
Aside from the contribution to the application, with your help I gained many abilities that I am sure will accompany and aid me throughout my career.
There is no doubt that Aringo was a great choice for me!
Thank you very much,

Stanford MBA 2010

Thank you Aringo staff, and especially Margaret, Amit, and Tali.
It is mainly thanks to you that I was accepted to a number of top 10 schools with significant scholarships, and most importantly to Wharton - my goal from the start.
You helped me in an extraordinary way - starting from the strategy and ending with essay editing.
For me, one of the significant advantages was the very structured and professional framework that carried me through the stages of application preparation in an organized manner. And of course - the amazing responsiveness during the stressful days right before the application submissions.
Thanks again, Ofer.

Wharton MBA 2009

This is the time to give thanks…
To the most professional, expert, talented, organized, and wonderful people with whom I have worked in the last year! Nothing that I will write here can successfully express my great appreciation for the Aringo staff. From the process of starting work, the preparation, the strategy, the schedules, the essays, the interviews, everything!
I was accepted to INSEAD, LBS, and HBS – in the beginning I did not understand how I was waitlisted at Tuck but with your help I understood that it was simply yield management (there is nothing for which this group does not have an answer!) and I am on my way to Harvard.
Dear Aringo staff - many thanks for the help, speediness, and effectiveness, and also for the smile that accompanied me through each and every stage of the process.
And for those of you who are deliberating: there is nothing to think about, this is the first stage of your investment in yourself before the great investment called MBA at a Top 10 - just do it.

Harvard MBA 2009

To all the staff,
Over the course of the process I discovered that the perfect combination of uncompromising professionalism, flexibility, and real personal attention is actually the secret of Aringo’s success.
In our shared work I always felt that all the knowledge and resources of the company are allocated to one single purpose - to help me achieve my goals. The personal touch made all the difference, “you caught me” every time I almost gave up on myself and caused me to get the best out of every small detail.
The results did not disappoint (4 out of 4: Stanford, Tuck, MIT, and Cornell including scholarships at some) and every time a school called me to tell me I was accepted, I hurried to update the “partners.” I would advise anyone who wants to increase their chances of being accepted at the longed - for school to utilize their unique experience.

Stanford MBA 2008

Dear Aringo staff,
I heard a lot about the talented staff at Aringo and about the effective help and guidance. Though it was only in retrospect, after I have finished the long and exhausting process, that I can now say that everything I heard was correct and written in stone.
The guidance, support, advice, and help were the keys to success in the acceptance process.
In my opinion, there is great value to working with Aringo, in order to access and fully utilize the raw potential of each and every candidate.
Thank you very much to the Aringo staff!

Harvard MBA 2008

To the Aringo staff,
It was long, exhausting, and occasionally miserable but at the end of the day we did what even we thought was impossible and we were accepted, both of us, to 4 schools, including our top choices.
There is no doubt that getting help from the Aringo staff improved the quality of our application materials and without your help we would not be suffering from the ultimate troubles of the rich for MBA candidates: deciding between Stanford and Wharton…
Big thanks to the entire staff!
Good luck to all the applicants.

Stanford MBA 2008

To the Aringo staff,
An important part of what is called application strategy, in my opinion, is to know from whom to take help. I have no doubt that without Aringo I would not today have the privilege to debate between two schools that a few months ago were only part of a big dream for me. I want to thank the whole amazing staff who demonstrated not only a rare level of professionalism but also consideration and compassion that made me always feel “on the side of the winner.”
Again, huge thanks for everything.

Harvard MBA 2008

Dear Aringo staff,
Your ability to combine knowledge, professionalism, integrity, openness to criticism, and mainly friendship are what turns the service you provide to a winning combination (and the facts of the results can testify).
Thank you for being there for me when I needed it and even beyond. It is  with your help that I can realize a dream.

Wharton MBA 2006

Dear Aringo staff,
I have only 3 words to write about the work with you: professionalism, professionalism, professionalism.
Success in the complicated application process requires knowledge, experience, and above all, professionalism. The choice of MBA studies in the U.S. is a very significant decision - to leave my country, friends and family, and to embark on a new career path. Considering the significance of the decision and in order to maximize the possibilities I decided to invest and work with the best - I have no doubt that this was the right decision.
I was accepted and I am going to Stanford - my first choice; Aringo, you have a big part in this success. Thanks!

Stanford MBA 2007

Dear Aringo staff,
Thank you very much for everything. You demonstrated professionalism, expertise, speed, and effectiveness.
Nevertheless, it seems to me that the greatest compliment is that I was not surprised by the high level even for a second. The recommendations and praise flowed from every corner even before (and this is also the reason that I insisted on working with you), and so, every word was true.
Thanks again,

Harvard MBA 2007

To Aringo staff,
I worked with you in a partial manner (I turned to you late and there was no room) and was very sorry that I did not work with you fully - it would probably have helped me get accepted to other places and saved me a lot of heart palpitations.
Given this, I think that if I would not have worked with you at all, I would not have been accepted anywhere (you helped me avoid a few mistakes that would have ruined my application and taken away any chance for me).
Thank you for everything,

Wharton MBA 2007

To those deliberating,
I will open by saying that if you got to this site your situation is good! – Very good!
A year ago exactly I read these recommendation letters and like you I considered if they were undercover advertisement letters (and excuse the frankness - but also fabricated).
And if you will allow me to employ a little slang - then it ain’t so!
After a year of work with Aringo, with better moments and worse, I promise you that Aringo can also help realize the dream for you. I personally was accepted to all the schools to which I applied and I attribute a great portion of this achievement to the support and help of the different Aringo staff.
A very intensive and not simple period awaits you, but with all my heart I can say that if you choose to work with Aringo you will extract your maximum potential- sometimes as much as you never dreamed you had.
Good luck to all.

Harvard MBA 2007

Dear Aringo staff,
There is no doubt that this is the right time to tell you thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Even before I received a positive response I felt that I had never worked with professionals like you and that thanks to the work with you I achieved the best application I could have.
From the strategy phase through the essays until the interview preparation, I always felt that I am working with the best in the field.
I believe that you have a big part in the fact that someone like me who is only finishing a B.A. in four months got accepted to Stanford - a school that was only a dream for me.
Thanks again for everything,

Stanford MBA 2007

To Aringo staff,
I could not have done it without your help and dedication.
I was accepted to Harvard and Kellogg, two of my dream schools, and I have no idea how I will decide between them…
Continue with your amazing work so that many candidates will also get accepted next year.
Thank you.

Harvard MBA 2007

Dear Aringoers!!
Thank you for making me feel like the sole client though there are many others. Thank you to the consultants, uncompromisingly professional, that so often succeeded to amaze me with their editing skills, and their warm and personal treatment.
You played a huge part in my acceptance to Wharton, Chicago, and Michigan (with a scholarship) and I am completely thrilled about how the process went with you on the MBA path.

Wharton MBA 2007

Dear Aringo people,
Great news!
The results are in - thanks to Aringo’s work I was accepted to all the schools to which I applied - Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, and MIT.
I did not expect to have the opportunity to choose…
Amazing work! And thank you very much.

Harvard MBA 2007

To Aringo members,
I received positive answers from Harvard, Stanford and Kellogg!
I am excited to tell you this as you are major partners in this success. I could not have done this without you.
Who knows better than you that I was not an easy client (an understatement).I turned to you after I did plenty of research in the field with very high expectations and demands.
I could not have expected more.

Stanford MBA 2007

To Aringo staff,
I want to thank you for your contribution to my getting accepted to INSEAD.
Your experience and aid helped me improve my application, to identify the most important points to best reflect who I am, and to emphasize them in a way that could gain the attention of the admissions committee members.
Your unique perspective, and your familiarity with the admissions committee work, opened my eyes, both in the phase of application preparation and interview preparation, and it was more valuable than the standard books called the “bible” of the MBA.
Also, you are welcome to post publicly my letter. Thank you so much and Happy New Year!


Dear Aringo,
After I considered and checked a number of professional consultants, I chose you - Aringo. Great choice!
I was accepted to Wharton and Chicago thanks to strenuous work, very professional strategy, loving and close service, and primarily a wonderful match fitting to me and my needs.
It was not easy, and I think I survived this rocky road mainly thanks your staff’s efforts with me, and the endless support to which was I privileged and still am. Being that I believe that professional help is a critical part of any application preparation, I would be happy to take part in spreading your good name to the public.
Thanks, and thanks again.

Wharton MBA 2006

Dear Aringo staff,
Perhaps this is the time to thank you for the help with the applications.
I was accepted to Stanford, Wharton, and Columbia!!! I am so excited! Thank you for your great work!!
Being that last year I applied without help, and this year I applied with your help, I can definitely testify about the difference…
Thanks again for everything,

Stanford MBA 2006

Dear Aringo staff!
I’m on my way to Wharton, and a big part is thanks to you. There is finally someone here who knows the MBA, knows what is necessary to get there and who was also there himself.
There is no replacement for your strategic understanding of the process, the smart advice, and the constant support. You were there all along the way, at every hour and under tremendous time pressure.
Thank you!

Wharton MBA 2006