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I am passionate about providing education to those who are less-fortunate, much like community members from my childhood upbringing, to help them fulfill their dreams and overcome poverty. I began teaching as a hobby, but it became a commitment when I started mentoring underprivileged students and saw a dire need to improve the education sector. Spending quality time with the youth taught me about their determination to learn and the real challenges that prevent them from progressing due to a lack of resources. With the use of technology, I intend to make quality education more affordable and provide them with the developmental opportunities which they otherwise may not receive. I look forward to carrying on this spirit of mentorship at McCombs by actively participating in the Net Impact club with a focus on the education sector.

My career has provided me opportunities to work closely with cross-functional teams located in different geographical locations such as US, Argentina, UK, Israel, and Germany.  This experience also taught me how to embrace cultural diversity. In _____, while working on a product integration project that required full interdisciplinary participation, I observed that each team was working in silos which caused a breakdown in communication and led to conflicts. To address these areas, I initiated a weekly forum to improve communication flow. I believed an open dialogue was necessary to create a culture of cooperation amongst cross-functional teams. After weeks of this forum, people outside of their immediate specialization began to form personal bonds and gain trust, and we experienced a successful completion of the project. These experiences will enable me to take leadership roles in the International MBA Student Association and create a mutual learning environment for both domestic and international students.

Just came back from my first product launch as a Product Manager in Adobe. As I was celebrating the success with my team, I started to reflect on my McCombs MBA journey and all the memories came rushing back.

By embracing the McCombs journey, I took a huge step towards my lifelong goal of starting my own venture to change the educational landscape of India through digitization. I built a very strong network of people with varied skillset through Texas Venture Labs practicum course and can see myself launching my startup with them. But before I embark on that long-term goal, I wanted to learn the intricacies of the eLearning industry. McCombs career service helped me land my dream job as I begin my post-MBA career as a Product Manager in Adobe’s smart education business group. This would give me a unique opportunity to couple my experience in technology with my passion for serving others.

My pre-MBA career as a software engineer with companies such as ____ and _____ helped me solidify the technical skills essential to achieve my goals. But starting my own organization required me to acquire a broader skillset to incorporate the finest management practices. I could not have thought of a better way to be exposed to these practices than through McComb’s unique cohort methodology. Studying with my peers of diverse background facilitated me to learn from their experiences both inside and outside of the class. Pitching my startup idea in front of the class during New Venture Creation course gave me my first taste of being an entrepreneur. Professor Ty Henderson’s Analysis of Markets course helped me transform my idea to a business plan. Doing in-depth case analysis as part of Technology Strategy course enabled me to develop strategic thinking and acquire a powerful set of analytical tools so that I can effectively manage high-technology business. Through micro-consulting projects of MBA+ Leadership program, I developed a multidisciplinary perspective to solve complex real-world business problems.

But my McCombs story is incomplete without mentioning the life outside the classroom. Austin became my second home. The city provides a thriving environment to budding entrepreneurs. I may not have born here but I certainly bleed burnt orange now. One of my fondest memories at McCombs is having coffee in the MBA lounge on Wednesday’s with peers and faculty. It was a nice mid-week break and provided us an opportunity to catch up. As Vice-President of the Graduate Business Technology Group, I organized various career treks and speaker series which allowed me to network with industry leaders. Participating in the MBA Improv club events helped me to further enhance my interpersonal skills. I am a huge cricket fan and the enthusiasm shown by my fellow McCombians in learning the sport encouraged me to start a Cricket league and play with them on weekends regularly. Our class trip to India for Chadar trek gave me a chance to introduce Indian culture to everyone and allowed me to help classmates persevere beyond physical and mental limitations and forge lifelong bonds.

Calling McCombs MBA just a degree would be a gross understatement. It was a life changing experience.

Looking around at the faces that have accompanied me over the last 2 years, I can hardly believe it’s over. I came to McCombs seeking formal finance training, but I got so much more: a program that exposed me to case studies and repetitions in underwriting, all while rounding off my teamwork and project management skills with a holistic business school education. I am leaving McCombs with more tools in my toolbox thanks to the Real Estate club, sixteen real estate courses, the team-centric atmosphere at McCombs, the McCombs Center for Real Estate and countless more venues where McCombs was able to offer me a tailor-made experience.

As an active member in The McCombs Real Estate Investment Fund, I discovered a platform that enabled me to practice the skills I had learned in real estate electives like Special Topics in Investment. It was an unforgettable learning experience, collaborating with classmates from diverse industries, managing the underrate analysts in the fund, and taking part in the only MBA program that offers management of both public and private real estate funds. I brought my experience from the world of construction management and development management to the table, while learning best practices from the worlds of banking, architecture, consulting and more.

During my MBA search, I reconnected with Patrick McAneny (’19), who raved about the National Real Estate Challenge hosted by McCombs. I now understand why he was so passionate about it and I am proud to say that in 2022 the McCombs team and I were able to win 1st place on our home turf.

On a personal level, I fine-tuned my decision-making and strategic skills at McCombs, with courses like Operations Management and Strategic Management. I can’t wait to bring these skills with me to the Invesco office as I begin working again and ultimately prepare myself to decide on which properties or assets to pursue. My long-term goal still hold true and in the next 3-5 years I’m certain MRE Ventures will be a full-blown company, consisting of accountants, managers, analysts, and strategic advisors. I believe that building a strong understanding of all the disciplinaries is crucial on both professional and personal levels; I want to understand each colleague’s skills and decision-making processes, which will ultimately lead towards understanding them as people.

Three years ago I became engaged to my fiancé; we married in Cape Cod in 2020, and as a newly-married couple, were looking for a new city to start this exciting new chapter in. We were so happy with our time in Austin that we decided to stay! As outdoor enthusiasts and avid runners, we were active members in the Graduate Business Adventure Team and the MBA Endurance Club, where I bonded with some of my classmates outside the classroom and Audrey built a circle of friends that are also remaining in Austin. We couldn’t have imagined a better place in which to plant our roots and begin our journey than Austin, as part of the McCombs family.

I see myself at graduation, surrounded by new friends, who together with the faculty, helped make the challenging and fulfilling two-year McCombs program one of the most significant memorable milestones on my career path.  I intend to pursue future business opportunities in the renewable energy sector together with some of them. Therefore, in addition to the educational accomplishments I achieved and the business skills I acquired at McCombs, I deeply appreciate the social and business contacts I made over the last two years.

Looking back, my first year at McCombs was important for me since its campus, with its thriving and active sense of community, provided a soft landing for my wife and me. We moved here together so it was imperative to be able to settle in a dynamic city such as Austin, which offers great social and professional opportunities, especially its ever-expanding high-tech environment. While learning inside the classroom was top priority, I also put a significant emphasis on getting to know my fellow students by participating in various social and professional events. I especially enjoyed the global field trips, Thursday + Think and Drink events, and MBA soccer club practices, where I used my soccer skills to help the McCombs soccer team win the annual MBA program tournament.

Since consulting in the clean energy and sustainability sectors are my future career goals, I see myself on graduation day being an alumni of the McCombs Energy Finance Group (EFG). I am confident that after participating in EFG for two years, wave energy will be a serious new topic in the Renewable and Sustainable List Agenda. I will be proud to have brought my extensive experience in this field to the attention of my fellow McCombs students and professors. I will proudly reflect upon how I initiated discussions and case studies on how to utilize Texas’s huge oceanfront coastline and promising wave power potential to initiate the business of technology penetration.

I also see myself having played an active role in the CleanTech Group and taking part in its leadership, since this subject with a huge impact on the next generations, mean the world to me, both on a professional and personal level. Additionally, I expect graduating after being an integral part of the Net Impact Group, through which I inspired new “Long Horns” to become enthusiastic about the Wave Energy cause along the U.S. coastline.

Armed with my past energy experience and the McCombs MBA, I envision subsequently being hired by Mckinsey, BG or other consultancies in their energy departments. Having polished my problem-solving skills, deepened my understanding of business fundamentals, and gained both practical and theoretical consulting experience throughout my two years at McCombs, I will be prepared for my new job. I will also be grateful for McCombs’ renowned reputation and strong connection with these companies’, helping me secure this consultant role. At graduation, I will look back knowing that I made the best choice for my future by pursuing an MBA at McCombs.

I have always contributed to my work places and been highly involved in social activities. To name a few, I held a big fundraiser throughout BP to help a colleague that was diagnosed with brain tumor; I also held an English Day in BP Vietnam where I supplied material to my peers and helped them improve their English.

As a student at McCombs, I contributed by leveraging my vast background and daily work experience in the energy sector by joining the McCombs Graduate Consulting Group.

I’m positive that with the experience and knowledge I obtained over the years, managing teams of up to 18 people and coordinating strategic projects in BP, I would be able to contribute greatly to the club, by teaching my peers about strategic decisions that I have made in the past with respect to million $ projects in Southeast Asia.

McCombs Consulting Group, with its extensive resources, casing assistant and mentor system educated me about the consulting industry. The Consulting Group provided me with a chance to have an invaluable interaction with the practitioner in consulting business.

Through navigating the recruiting process, I believe that the tailor made interview practice on Consulting Case Challenge prepared me towards different interview styles of different consulting companies.

In addition, I applied to the Energy Finance Group cabinet and contributed to the annual National Energy Finance Challenge. Having more than 10 years experiences in the energy sector, I shared many stories about my past projects with the Energy Finance Group; for example, about my involvement when I led the implementation stage of a project financing for the biggest LNG plant in Indonesia or about the flexibility of a long term LNG sales contract that could give a windfall profit earlier than it expected.

McCombs Energy finance concentration provides the study of a facilities project that depends on cash flow generated by the project for loan repayment.

This is something that I related to while studying in McCombs when I educated the other students as I spent some of my career working to ensure that the revenue flow from a project are segregated for allocation between the government, lenders and the contractors.

Now, when I have been serving as a consultant in the gas business for McKinsey for the past half year, I have been working on strategy-related projects for Indonesia state-owned companies and was part of the government practice for these companies, like the McKinsey Center for Government.

I aspire to work as the executive of a state-owned company.  My long-term intention is to get an important role either in the Ministry of State-Owned Companies, leading hundreds state-owned companies and synchronizing policy making or in the Ministry of Energy, ensuring effective management of energy resources for Indonesia’s future generations.

My name ____ means ‘’to become a big person” in Indonesian and Javanese language.
During my 10 year career at BP, I was consistently among the top performers receiving ‘’Exceed Expectation’’ and ‘’Exceptional’’ grading in my annual performance reviews.

I was assigned for an overseas assignment after only 7 months of working, to BP Vietnam, where I learned to adapt and to be sensitive with cultural differences.
Besides work, and to help my colleagues with their English abilities, I initiated “work in English” where every two weeks, everyone at BP is only allowed to communicate in English. Additionally, I successfully held a big event, to help a colleague diagnosed with brain tumour. Luckily, he is currently on his recovery process.

In parallel to my work at BP, I established a company in 2015, specialized in apartment cleaning services. We obtained a handful of clients and employed 4 workers. Although the company closed, it was a great experience to learn how to set up a new company.
I love to travel and have been to many places in Asia and Europe, but the one that is worth mentioning was the visit to the killing field in Phnom Penh. This site taught me to remain committed to kindness, to openness and to understanding of others.

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