MIT Sloan Interviews

By Aringo WP User|November 27th, 2016|Interview, MIT Sloan MBA|

MIT Sloan released this update on their admissions blog: "For those of you preparing for interviews, our goal is to meet you and get to know you better. We are looking to collect as much information as possible to supplement your application and to help support your candidacy for MIT Sloan. We use a [...]

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Invited to interview? ARINGO can help you

By Aringo WP User|November 18th, 2015|Interview|

Don't go to your interview unprepared! ARINGO can help. With our expert interviewers, ex-admissions committee members and alumni from all top MBA programs. Contact us today for some interview prep advice.

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Tips for Wharton Interview

By Aringo WP User|May 9th, 2011|Interview, Wharton MBA|

The Wharton Admissions Committee has posted on its blog some information and tips for candidates invited for Round 2 interviews.“PURPOSE Interviews provide additional information about your candidacy that is included in the final review of your application. As such, interviews are not the decisive factor in your admissionsdecision. At Wharton, the person who interviews you [...]

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