Part-Time MBA Programs

Part-Time MBA programs allow working professionals to advance their careers while pursuing an MBA at one of the top business schools in the world. Such programs are intended for working professionals seeking the advanced business knowledge and network needed to progress within their current field or industry. Students in part-time programs are usually a bit older with more work experience than those in full-time programs.

Part-time MBA programs usually allow the student to earn the degree in 2-6 years and offer a flexible schedule, as classes are held in evenings and weekends. The admission requirements are often similar to those in full-time programs.

Many top business schools offer a part-time option, in addition to the full-time option. While full-time MBA degree is the preferred method of study for most people considering a business education, a part-time MBA can often be much more convenient.

After all, the commitment of leaving a job that you might like, and even leaving the region or the country that you are in may not suit everyone, particularly those with family, friends and roots in a region.

A 2011 AACSB survey found that while 44% of MBA students were attending full-time, 56% were enrolled in part-time MBA programs. The best business schools offer part-time MBA courses that are every bit as academically rigorous as their full-time cousins. The MBA degree is the same, you will still have the letters and the prestige of the school name associated with you, you will still learn an enormous amount of information and learn to juggle the hardship of an MBA as well as full-time work and personal life.

There are a large number of people whom, for one reason or another, are unwilling or unable to pay out the fees in advance of a full-time MBA course. For those, remaining in the workplace is the only viable option. A part-time MBA is a good way to lessen the cost of a quality MBA degree—by going part-time while keeping your day job. And if your employer is willing to pay for some or all of the cost of your tuition, you may end up with the best possible outcome—no student debt at all.

Nowadays the best business schools are offering very well-organized part-time MBA courses which provide alumni with the same qualification as a full-time MBA degree and taught by the same faculty. For the part-timer the networking opportunities are trickier, although students do still get to meet, chat, talk business and form lasting friendships. However, it’s obvious that these opportunities are going to prove more problematic in establishing networks than they would be on a full-time program.

Here are the top part-time MBA programs in the US according to US News (2019):

  1. University of Chicago (Booth)
  2. University of California–Berkeley (Haas)
  3. Northwestern University (Kellogg)
  4. New York University (Stern)
  5. University of California–Los Angeles (Anderson)
  6. University of Michigan–Ann Arbor (Ross)
  7. University of Minnesota–Twin Cities (Carlson)
  8. University of Texas–Austin (McCombs)
  9. Carnegie Mellon University (Tepper)
  10. Emory University (Goizueta)
  11. Indiana University (Kelley)
  12. Georgetown University (McDonough)
  13. University of Washington (Foster)
  14. Ohio State University (Fisher)
  15. University of Southern California (Marshall)
  16. Virginia Tech (Pamplin)
  17. Georgia Institute of Technology (Scheller)
  18. Rice University (Jones)
  19. University of Massachusetts–Amherst (Isenberg)
  20. University of Texas–Dallas
  21. Washington University in St. Louis (Olin)

Best EMBA Programs in the US:

Program Snapshot

Wharton’s 24 month EMBA is offered at both their Philadelphia and San Francisco campuses.

Class Profile (class of 2021)

-Class Size: 236

-Median GMAT Score: 700

-Average Age: 36

-Average Years Work Experience: 12

-% of Women: 32%

-Countries Represented: 26

Application Process

The admission process consists of 2 recommendations, 3 essays, standardized test scores, a sponsorship letter and official transcripts.

It is also recommended that applicants schedule a phone conversation with the program. This can be requested via their website.

There are two deadlines for applications, one in December and one in February.

Tuition Cost

The tuition cost of $214,800 includes school fees, most course materials, room & board and access to a case study room.

Program Snapshot

Chicago Booth’s 21 month program allows students the opportunity to study at any of their campuses, Chicago, London or Hong Kong. The program starts in June.

Class Profile

-Class Size: 240

-Average Age: 37

-Average Years Work Experience: 13

-Average GMAT Score: 683

-% of Women: 22%

-Nationalities Represented: 48

Application Process

The application consists of an essay (plus an optional essay), a resume, 2 letters of recommendation, GMAT/GRE/EA score and transcripts.

There are 4 deadlines in October, December, February and April.

Tuition cost

The North American program tuition is $194,000. This covers books, course material, accommodation for global residencies, and most meals.

Program Snapshot

Kellogg EMBA students have the opportunity to choose to study at either their Evanston, IL campus or their Miami, FL campus. Students can either start the program in January or September.

Class Profile

-Average Age: 38

-Average Years Work Experience: 14

-% of Women: 31%

-% of International Students: 14%

Application Process

The application consists of a resume, 2 letters of recommendation (one should be from the applicants immediate supervisor), a time sponsorship letter from the applicants organization, official transcripts, an honor code agreement and an interview.

There are two deadlines. For those wishing to start the program in January, they are in August and October. For those wishing to start the program in September, they are in April  and June.

Tuition cost

The total two-year cost is $217,836. This covers, books, material, meals, accommodation and career services.

Program Snapshot

Columbia’s full time EMBA is either 16 or 20 months in length. Students can choose to start in January or August.

Class Profile

-Class Size: 146

-Average Age: 33

-Average Years Work Experience: 9

-% of Women: 34%

-% of International Students: 23%

Application Process

The application consists of an employer sponsorship, official transcripts, a short answer question and 3 essays, 2 letters of recommendation, GMAT/GRE/EA score and an interview.

Tuition cost

The tuition cost of $213,240 covers text books, meals and conference center accommodations during residence weeks.

Program Snapshot

NYU’s EMBA program is 22 months in length, starting in August or in January. The program offers 13 different specializations so that participants can focus on a certain industry.

Class Profile

-Average Age: 38

-Average Years Work Experience: 14

-% of Women: 30%

-% of International Students: 30%

Application Process

The process is split up into 3 stages: the pre-application, interview and formal application. The pre-application consists of basic personal information and a CV/resume. The formal application is made up of academic background, employement information, activities, 2 essays, official transcripts, an organization sponsorship form, 2 recommendations. GMAT/EA/GRE scores are not required.

Tuition cost

Cost of tuition is $204,000. It includes books, study materials, meals, teaching assistants and residencies and global travel tours.

Program Overview

Start Date: February

Program duration: 15 months

Residencies: In 7 locations around the globe

Curriculum: General management curriculum with 5 concentrations & 1 certificate available


Tuition, fees, supplies: 166,000 USD

Scholarships & loans available

Typical Class Profile

Class Size: 40 – 60

Average Age: 39

Average Work Experience: 15 years

Women: 23%

Non-U.S. Citizenship: 38%

Students with Advanced Degrees: 32%

Admission Requirements

Minimum 10 years work experience

Online Application

225 USD Application Fee (waivers available)




Recommendation Letters

Sponsorship Letter

Admissions Interview

Travel visa(s) & passport


A business resume is required.
Include employment information and relevant volunteer work. State locations, titles, dates, and responsibilities starting with your most recent position.
The education section should include dates of attendance and degrees received.

Letters of Recommendation

Two recommendations are required.
One recommendation must be from your current supervisor.
Proprietors or principals of a company may provide a recommendation from a client, board member or other professional colleague.
Your recommenders must complete the online recommendation forms associated with the application. Submissions by email or mail are NOT accepted.
Use your recommenders’ work email addresses versus personal accounts, like Gmail or Yahoo, which will be more closely monitored in our credentials verification process.
Recommendations from relatives and friends are strongly discouraged.

Letter of Support

A letter from your current employer outlining your company’s support of time is required.
This letter may also include information about your employer’s financial commitment, but financial sponsorship is not required.
Proprietors or principals of a company can provide a letter of self-sponsorship.

Program Snapshot

Participants can choose between Ann Arbor or Los Angeles at Ross’s EMBA.  The program is 21 months long and the average weekly commitment is between 20-25 hours a week.

Class Profile (class of 2021)

-Class Size: 114

-Average Age: 39

-Average Years Work Experience: 14

-% of Women: 28%

-% of International Students: 15%

Application Process

The application consists of a resume, a recommender, 2 essays, official transcripts, employer support and an interview.

Tuition cost

The tuition cost of $178,500 covers courses, workshops, textbooks, course material, accommodation and meals.

Michigan residents receive a lower tuition.

Program Snapshot

Berkeley’s EMBA program is 19 months long and starts in August.

Class Profile

-Class Size: 68

-Median Age: 37

-Median Years Work Experience: 13

-% of Women: 32%

-Countries Represented: 17

Application Process

The application consists of 2 essays, 2 recommendations (one from the applicants direct supervisor), GMAT/GRE/EA, a resume, official transcripts and an interview which can be scheduled by the applicant on Berkeley’s website.

There are two deadlines, one in December and one in February.

Tuition cost

The tuition cost of $194,000 includes books, hotel accommodation, administrative fees and most meals.

Program Snapshot

Anderson’s EMBA is 22 months long and starts in September. The school prides itself on it’s flexible scheduling for EMBA students.

Class Profile

-Average Years Work Experience: 14

-% of Women: 35%

-Countries Represented: 22

Application Process

The application consists of official transcripts, 2 recommendations and 2 essays. International applicants must also provide a TOEFL or IELTS score.

8 years minimum work experience is required.

GMAT/GRE/EA scores are not required.

There are 3 deadlines in December, February and May.

Tuition Cost

The tuition cost of $67,992 covers student charges, textbooks, software supplies, meals, off-campus residential and on/off campus residential.

Program Snapshot

UNC’s EMBA program is exclusively on the weekends, keeping their students available to work during the week. The program runs for 20 months and begins in February.

Class Profile

-Class Size: 50

-Average Age: 36

-Average Years Work Experience: 13

-% of Women: 39%

-Countries Represented: 42

Application Process

The application consists of a resume, 2 essays, 2 recommendations and official transcripts.

5 years minimum work experience is required.

Applicants can find an easy-to-use application checklist here.

Tuition Cost

Cost of tuition is $119,305 and includes texts, socials, accommodation and most meals.

Program Snapshot

Harvard’s PLD program is bespoke for each student, allowing them to accelerate in their career. The program is 7 months in length and starts in July or November/December.

Class Profile

-Class Size: 170

-Countries Represented: 45

Application Process

The application consists of a background information form and a letter of reference.

There are 3 application rounds, for the July start date they are in January, March and May. For the November/December start date they are in April, August and October.

Tuition Cost

The tuition cost is $52,000.

Program Snapshot

MIT’s EMBA program is 20 months long, it begins in September and ends in May. The program consists of 26 weekend sessions, 4 weeklong modules and a weeklong international Action Learning project trip.

Class Profile

-Class Size: 126

-Average Years Work Experience: 17

-Average Age: 41

-International Origin: 48%

Application Process

The application consists of a statement of purpose, 3 essays, employment history, 2 letters of recommendation, official transcripts and an organizational chart.

A minimum of 10 years of work experience is required.

Tuition Cost

Cost of tuition for the program is $178,302

Cornell- Johnson (Americas)

Program Snapshot

In addition to their EMBA Americas program, Cornell offer three more EMBA programs: EMBA Metro NY, EMBA/MS in Healthcare Leadership and Cornell-Tsinghua Finance MBA program in China.

Their Americas program takes 17 months to complete. It begins in June and ends in November. The program may provide students with the opportunity to study in the following places: New York City, Ithaca, Washington DC, Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Seattle, Salem (NH), Los Angeles, San Jose, San Bruno, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, Mexico City, Monterrey (Mexico), Santiago (Chile) and Lima (Peru).

Class Profile

-Class Size: 163

-Average Age: 37

-Average Years Work Experience: 12

-% of Women: 25%

-Internationally Based: 42%


Application Process

The application includes a resume, an organizational chart, 3 essays, two letters of recommendation and academic transcripts.

GMAT/GRE/EA are not required.

Tuition Cost

The cost of the EMBA Americas program is $154,254.

Cornell- Johnson (Metro NY)

Program Snapshot

Cornell’s Metro NY EMBA takes place at their NYC campus. The program is 22 months in length and starts in July.

Class Profile

-Class Size: 75

-Average Age: 36

-Average Years Work Experience: 12

-% of Women: 34%

-Internationally Based: 28%

Application Process

The application includes a resume, an organizational chart, 3 essays, two letters of recommendation and academic transcripts.

GMAT/GRE/EA are not required.

Tuition Cost

The cost of the EMBA Metro NY program is $202,536. This cost includes academic services, books, materials, accommodation, accommodation and meals in Ithaca and accommodation and meals during the Global Business Study trip.

Program Snapshot

Darden’s EMBA is 21 months long, it starts in August and ends in May. EMBA students participate in one global residency with the opportunity to add more.

Class Profile

-Class Size: 139

-Average Age: 34

-Average Years Work Experience: 12

-% of Women: 27%

Application Process

The application includes a resume, transcripts, standardized test scores and a recommendation.

Tuition Cost

The cost of tuition is $158,700 for domestic students and $159,100 for international students. The cost for the global residency is $4200.


Program Snapshot

The 22 month program begins in July. Participants meet for class every other weeks. One week in June is spent abroad at the EMBA Global Network Week.

Class Profile

-Class Size: 77

-Average Age: 36

-Average Years Work Experience: 13

-% of Women: 31%

Application Process

The application consists of official transcripts, GMAT/GRE/EA score, 2 recommendations, employer approval, a resume and 2 essays.

There are three application rounds in October, January and March.

Tuition Cost

 The cost of tuition is $193,500. This fee covers textbooks, material, some meals and lodging during summer residencies, Friday evenings and EMBA Global Network Week.

EMBA Programs in Europe:

The LBS EMBA is 20 months program, starts in January and September, taught in London and Dubai.

We operate a rolling admissions process, which means the sooner you apply, the sooner you receive a decision. In most cases, you receive a final decision within six to eight weeks of submitting your completed application. You will be told whether you are shortlisted within 14 days of our receiving your complete application.

Once the class is full, we operate a waitlist. If no places become available there is an automatic transfer of admission to the next intake.

Application requirements:
When you complete your online application form, you will be asked to attach:

* your application essays

* a one-page CV/resume

* names and details of two referees.

* a transcript of grades from each university you have attended

* your GMAT/GRE score (no minimum score requirement)

* proof of your English Language ability

* your application fee of £160.

The INSEAD EMBA is a 14–17-months program, taught in France, Singapore and Abu Dhabi.
The 14 months program starts in November, the 15 months program starts in August, and the 17 months program starts in October. Graduation in December of the following year.

Application requirements:

* Minimum of 3-5 years of solid management experience, i.e. responsible for people and/or projects (total average work experience in the current class: 13 years)

* GMAT or INSEAD EMBA Admissions Test

* Completed online application form including 6 essays (of which one is optional)

* Two reference letters

* Official Transcripts of previous academic degree(s) with certified translation in English – where applicable

* Non-native English speakers who have not worked, trained or schooled in English for an extended period of time may be asked to provide an English language certification. We accept the PTE/TOEFL/TOEIC/IELTS and Cambridge Proficiency Exams.

Class profile:

Total number of participants: 160

Average work experience: 13 years with a minimum of 3-5 years of solid management experience (i.e. responsible for people and/or projects)

80% range of work experience: 8 to 19 years

Average age of participants: 37 years

80% age range: 32 to 43 years

Women: 24%

Nationalities: 47

LSE offers the TRIUM Global Executive MBA Programme jointly with NYU Stern School of Business and HEC School of Management, Paris. It is divided into six intellectually rigorous modules held in five international business locations over a 17-month period.

Programme schedule:

Module 1: September, two weeks at LSE

Module 2: January, two weeks at NYU Stern

Module 3: April, one and a half weeks in China

Module 4: July, two weeks at HEC Paris

Module 5: October, one and a half weeks in India

Module 6: February, one week at HEC Paris

This executive friendly format reduces the absence from the office to only 10 weeks over the 17 month period. TRIUM’s interactive distance learning platform fosters a continuous educational community between the modules and allows executives from around the world to communicate with their professors and classmates throughout the programme. The platform is also used for learning activities that facilitate pre-module preparatory work and post-module follow up, as well as individual and team project work and assignments.

Class Profile:

Average age: 40

Avg # students/class: 85

Avg years experience: 15

Avg # nationalities: 30

TRIUM is designed for senior executives at a global corporation or in a company/business planning to expand into global markets. The program focuses on the challenges senior managers face in the global marketplace. TRIUM offers its students the opportunity to pursue an EMBA in a cohort of fast-tracked peers from around the world. Entrepreneurs also benefit from this exceptional learning environment; several have launched their start ups after cultivating them as their TRIUM Global Incubator project.
Application Process includes Preliminary Application Form, Online Application Form (Transcripts, Organisation sponsorship form including time sponsorship and financial sponsorship (if applicable), Copy of passport, 1 color passport photo, TOEFL score report (if applicable), GMAT/GRE score report (if applicable)), and interview.

The Oxford Executive MBA is delivered in 17 one-week modules over a total study period of 21 months starting in January each year and concluding in September of the following year. Modules start on a Monday morning and end on a Friday evening. The programme is made up of:

– Nine core modules that offer you a comprehensive understanding of modern business.

– Six to eight electives modules designed to develop your individual skills and specialisations.

– A group entrepreneurship project that will challenge you to develop and present a complete and viable business plan.

– Two core international courses and one elective delivered overseas in key global markets
Individual coaching sessions and a leadership development focus throughout.

Throughout the programme, you will have full access to Saïd Business School’s intranet which enables remote users to retrieve valuable material for core modules and project work, and access the library’s electronic resources including programme reading lists and a collection of business intelligence databases.

You will be required to attend 17 modules, two of which take place overseas.

We recommend that you apply early in the year as:

– We cannot guarantee that there will be places left by the end of the admissions process.

– If you are interested in a particular college, you are more likely to be successful if you submit your application in the earlier stages.

The application process involves a number of steps:

1. Candidates should apply online via Apply Yourself. Please note that we no longer accept paper applications.

2. Saïd Business School accepts applications on a rolling admissions basis for this programme. Please note that all applicants are required to pay a non-refundable processing fee of £150.

3. Selected applicants will then be invited to interview.

4. Interviews can be conducted either in Oxford, or we can conduct telephone interviews (our strong preference is for face-to-face interviews). All interviews are conducted by faculty who will be teaching the course, or senior administrative personnel.

5. Applicants will be notified of their results as soon as possible.

Application requirements:

1. Significant professional experience

2. A good undergraduate degree or equivalent professional qualification

3. Your university academic transcripts outlining the subjects studied and grades obtained

4. GMAT score

5. A Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or International English Language Test Scheme (IELTS)

6. Two references, professional or academic (only online references can be accepted)

7. Three essays on the topics outlined in the online application form

Core courses
The Cambridge Executive MBA provides a thorough overview of the principal functional areas of an organisation. We ensure participants understand the role of different business departments, are familiar with their key tools and methodologies, appreciate the way in which they operate in the wider organisational context and are fully conversant with the language and terminology they use.

Our electives provide you with the ideal opportunity to broaden your experience, focus on subjects of particular interest and tailor the programme to your needs. We consult with the class to offer electives best suited to your requirements.

International Business study trip
The trip centres around the core course of International Business and all lectures for this course are delivered during the trip.

Team Consulting Project
Our live projects reflect our belief in ‘learning by doing’. We work closely with global blue-chip companies and international organisations to ensure you tackle projects which have real impact. Many companies go on to implement the recommendations and strategies developed during these projects.

Personal & professional development
The Cambridge Executive MBA emphasises the development of ‘soft’ personal skills, such as cultural intelligence, diplomatic skills and reflexivity, which we believe are critical for effective management and leadership.

We operate a staged (rounds-based) admissions process that allows candidates to plan when to submit their application, but we are happy to consider completed applications received outside of these deadlines.

All applications must be submitted via our online application system. Please ensure that all questions including essays are completed before you submit the application. Candidates should submit their application by 23:59 UK time on the day of their chosen deadline.

Submitting your references
We require two references. One reference should come from a line manager or supervisor and the other from a team member or peer. Automated reference requests will be sent to your referees once you have input their contact details into our online application system. We will not consider your application complete until your references have been received; it is your responsibility to ensure they are received by the deadline you select

Application requirements:

The Cambridge Executive MBA is a rigorous academic programme. We therefore need to ensure that everyone who attends the programme is of a sufficient standard to manage the intensive and demanding workload. Please read the requirements carefully as they contain important information.
If you are unsure of your suitability for the programme please feel free to submit your CV for review.

Professional experience 7 years’ full-time before commencing the programme in September

Academic achievement 1st or 2.1 or GPA of at least 3.3 or Top 25% of class

GMAT If you feel that the skills covered by the GMAT can be demonstrated elsewhere in your application then you may request a waiver (granted at the discretion of the EMBA Director) – see below

Two references A professional reference; A peer reference

English proficiency English as your native language or IELTS – 7.5 no band below 6.0 or TOEFL – 110, with no element below 25 or CAE minimum score of Grade A or CPE minimum score of Grade A, B or C.

Over 15 months, IE Business School’s Executive MBA unites diverse international business leaders with a focus on impacting lasting change. By gaining invaluable insights, business acumen and developing essential soft skills, high-performing professionals can level-up their career potential while immersed in a dynamic, international network.

  • DURATION – 15 months
  • LANGUAGE – English or Spanish
  • LOCATION – Online + Madrid
  • INTAKE – September & March
  • PROGRAM – Executive MBA
  • FORMAT – Blended Methodology

The program kicks off with a week-long session in Madrid. It continues on our Online Campus where students participate in live interactive video lectures and smart forums.

You will have three mandatory one-week periods at our Madrid campus, one at the beginning of the program, one Leading Change in a Digital World Week approaching the halfway point of the program, and one final week for the final project presentation and graduation.

At the end of the 15 months, the final residential week will be held, where students will complete the course and present the final version of their business plans. There are two additional international weeks that are optional for students in the program: The Global Immersion Week and Global Network for Advanced Management.

Candidates should complete the sections that appear in the online application form and must also upload the following documents:

  • Bachelor degree from an accredited university (*)
  • Official university transcripts (certified translation into English or Spanish)
  • 1 page CV/Resume
  • 2 letters of recommendation
  • Work verification letter
  • Organizational chart
  • Should the Admissions Committee find it necessary, non-native English speakers may be asked to provide an English Certificate; we accept the Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English, Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English, Pearson Test of English, TOEFL, Duolingo English Test (minimum score 120) and IELTS exams.
  • Passport size picture
  • Application fee: 125€ or 175€ in case of applying to 2 programs (fee is not refundable)