Earning Potential: BBA vs. MBA

By Aringo WP User|January 18th, 2018|job market, salary|

Written by Shoshana Perez,ScholarshipOwl.com A career in business can be worthwhile. From lucrative entry-level positions to chief executives, your earning potential can help pay back student debts more quickly, getting you on the road to financial success. A business degree can open the door to several career options, but pursuing a master’s degree can [...]

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What is the 2014 MBA Salary Forecast?

By Aringo WP User|December 31st, 2013|GMAC, salary|

A new GMAC survey published this month reveals the salary forecast for fresh MBA graduates. The survey included 211 employers in 33 different countries and reveals that 42% of employers plan to pay newly graduated MBAs this year the same as in 2013, while 45% of employers plan to pay slightly more in accordance with [...]

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2012 Salary Statistics

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For anyone still deliberating about the value of MBA studies, a Poets & Quants article published Businessweek data that shows significant increases between 2012 MBA graduates’ pre- and post-degree salaries. Graduates from 22 of the top U.S. programs achieved a salary increase of at least 50%. At seven of the schools, alumni doubled their pre-studies [...]

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