David Rubinstein

Senior Consultant
Harvard Business School graduate

Assaf Rubinstein

ARINGO clients who worked with David were admitted to the MBA programs at Harvard, Wharton, Stanford, Booth, MIT, Yale, Columbia, Duke, NYU, Cornell, Berkeley, Kellogg, NYU, Emory, Tuck, HEC, INSEAD, LBS and many more.

David is HBS MBA graduate.
David was admitted to both the Harvard Business School and Wharton, and accumulated substantial knowledge on the admissions process.
He has significant experience in helping prospective students navigate the application process to the top MBA programs in the US. He has assisted successfully many applicants from various industries and countries in making it into their dream MBA program.

While at HBS, David was involved in founding a biomedical startup and helped organize the annual HBS Healthcare Conference.  Over the course of his studies, David interned in the Portfolio Management group at Genentech, a world-leading biopharmaceutical company. He now serves as Executive Associate at Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

David holds a PhD in Molecular Genetics from the Weizmann Institute of Science, and has over four years of diverse experience in tech, Business Intelligence, and Technology Transfer sectors.


Applicants’ quotes:

I wanted to let you know that I received admission to Columbia Business School!  I’m very excited about it. I truly believe that I couldn’t have done it without your help along the way — along every step you were incredibly helpful and pushed me to be better and to create better essays for the admissions teams. “


David’s feedback was very valuable. I couldn’t have seen all the issues he pointed out by myself. I feel very good about the application and am glad to have enlisted your help! Thank you!“.


I have accepted the EMBA program admission to Kellogg School of Management starting in September 2022. They also provided a $20,000 scholarship towards my tuition. I have been told that scholarship to EMBA is a very rare event, and Kellogg mentioned that they saw the potential in me to be a leader and hence provided the scholarship. Thank you very much for providing all your time and insights. I really think you guys did a great job and provided full support. Thank you again for a wonderful experience.”


Application process is going well… everything has gone great till now… I have an interview soon and hopes are high that I will be accepted. David is a great consultant 10/10!“.


“Yeah, David is amazing, I love working with him”.


“Thanks Aringo and David. I could not have done it without you. David, I owe you so much. You are amazing and you made the difference between a mediocre application to a great one. 3/4 schools, and Wharton with a scholarship!!! whoopppi”.