Shay Mendelson

Senior Consultant
INSEAD graduate

Shay Mendelson

Shay’s clients have been admitted to MBA programs (mostly with scholarships) at LBS, INSEAD, Cambridge, Oxford, IESE, IE, ESADE, HEC, Imperial College, Cass, Darden, Yale, Cornell, Duke, Michigan, MIT, Harvard, Columbia, Tuck, UCLA, HULT and many many more.

Shay is an INSEAD MBA graduate (2012), and was a member of the Technology and Media Club as well as the school’s Basketball Club.

Shay holds a BA in law and communications. He served in the military forces as an intelligence officer, team commander and product manager. During his service, Shay was responsible for interviewing candidates and became experienced in identifying strengths and weaknesses of interviewees.

Prior to INSEAD, Shay worked as a senior content editor at leading internet, TV and press media channels. He has extensive experience in writing text for newspapers’ front pages as well as leading items in news editions. He has also managed several challenging live broadcasts.

Shay currently works for Microsoft as IL Market Lead of Microsoft Information and Content Experience.


Clients’ quotes:

“I got an admission offer from INSEAD! I am really grateful for all the support offered by you, Prithvi, Shay and Chaya. It took a while but we finally managed to crack it and every bit of it was worth it. When I compare my content and my application approach today with what I started with, I see dramatic improvements. Your team played a crucial role in this improvement. Thank you!”