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I am passionate about providing education to those who are less-fortunate, much like community members from my childhood upbringing, to help them fulfill their dreams and overcome poverty. I began teaching as a hobby, but it became a commitment when I started mentoring underprivileged students and saw a dire need to improve the education sector. Spending quality time with the youth taught me about their determination to learn and the real challenges that prevent them from progressing due to a lack of resources. With the use of technology, I intend to make quality education more affordable and provide them with the developmental opportunities which they otherwise may not receive. I look forward to carrying on this spirit of mentorship at McCombs by actively participating in the Net Impact club with a focus on the education sector.

My career has provided me opportunities to work closely with cross-functional teams located in different geographical locations such as US, Argentina, UK, Israel, and Germany.  This experience also taught me how to embrace cultural diversity. In _____, while working on a product integration project that required full interdisciplinary participation, I observed that each team was working in silos which caused a breakdown in communication and led to conflicts. To address these areas, I initiated a weekly forum to improve communication flow. I believed an open dialogue was necessary to create a culture of cooperation amongst cross-functional teams. After weeks of this forum, people outside of their immediate specialization began to form personal bonds and gain trust, and we experienced a successful completion of the project. These experiences will enable me to take leadership roles in the International MBA Student Association and create a mutual learning environment for both domestic and international students.

Just came back from my first product launch as a Product Manager in Adobe. As I was celebrating the success with my team, I started to reflect on my McCombs MBA journey and all the memories came rushing back.

By embracing the McCombs journey, I took a huge step towards my lifelong goal of starting my own venture to change the educational landscape of India through digitization. I built a very strong network of people with varied skillset through Texas Venture Labs practicum course and can see myself launching my startup with them. But before I embark on that long-term goal, I wanted to learn the intricacies of the eLearning industry. McCombs career service helped me land my dream job as I begin my post-MBA career as a Product Manager in Adobe’s smart education business group. This would give me a unique opportunity to couple my experience in technology with my passion for serving others.

My pre-MBA career as a software engineer with companies such as ____ and _____ helped me solidify the technical skills essential to achieve my goals. But starting my own organization required me to acquire a broader skillset to incorporate the finest management practices. I could not have thought of a better way to be exposed to these practices than through McComb’s unique cohort methodology. Studying with my peers of diverse background facilitated me to learn from their experiences both inside and outside of the class. Pitching my startup idea in front of the class during New Venture Creation course gave me my first taste of being an entrepreneur. Professor Ty Henderson’s Analysis of Markets course helped me transform my idea to a business plan. Doing in-depth case analysis as part of Technology Strategy course enabled me to develop strategic thinking and acquire a powerful set of analytical tools so that I can effectively manage high-technology business. Through micro-consulting projects of MBA+ Leadership program, I developed a multidisciplinary perspective to solve complex real-world business problems.

But my McCombs story is incomplete without mentioning the life outside the classroom. Austin became my second home. The city provides a thriving environment to budding entrepreneurs. I may not have born here but I certainly bleed burnt orange now. One of my fondest memories at McCombs is having coffee in the MBA lounge on Wednesday’s with peers and faculty. It was a nice mid-week break and provided us an opportunity to catch up. As Vice-President of the Graduate Business Technology Group, I organized various career treks and speaker series which allowed me to network with industry leaders. Participating in the MBA Improv club events helped me to further enhance my interpersonal skills. I am a huge cricket fan and the enthusiasm shown by my fellow McCombians in learning the sport encouraged me to start a Cricket league and play with them on weekends regularly. Our class trip to India for Chadar trek gave me a chance to introduce Indian culture to everyone and allowed me to help classmates persevere beyond physical and mental limitations and forge lifelong bonds.

Calling McCombs MBA just a degree would be a gross understatement. It was a life changing experience.

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