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What makes ARINGO special and what can you expect if you work with ARINGO on your MBA application?

According to us, the ARINGO experience can best be summarized as a process including the following steps:

You will be matched with an admissions consultant who has proven success in helping applicants like you gain admission to the top schools. This expert will be your partner and coach throughout the application process, beginning with…
Your consultant will help you develop a personalized strategy that will serve as the cornerstone of your applications. The strategy phase will include an in-depth review of your professional and academic history (called Personal Data Mining) and future goals to create a detailed career plan including business school selection. The ARINGO Roundtable, a team of admissions experts, will then review your strategy for additional suggestions and fine-tuning.
Armed with the approved strategy, your ARINGO consultant will guide you through the application process, from brainstorming and outlining to comprehensive review of the essays, letters of recommendation, and resume.
In addition to your consultant’s guidance, ARINGO’s team of Quality Assurance Experts provides feedback on each essay, ensuring that no stone is left unturned.
Your application is almost ready to go. One last review of your application by an ARINGO school expert – or as we call it, the test drive. Now: fire! Let’s cross our fingers.
Invited to interview? Your consultant will help you brush up your skills. Next you will be matched to an ARINGO interview expert for school-specific interview preparation. Practice makes perfect.

Waitlisted? We can help. Your consultant will guide you through ARINGO’s proven steps. Don’t just sit there – we will help you act.

Which school? The best problem to have. We are here to help you make an informed decision.


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