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China Europe International Business School also known as CEIBS was established in 1994 by Chinese government and the European Union. It has China’s largest and most prestigious business school alumni network with over 20,000 alumni all over the world.

CEIBS MBA programme is a full-time English programme which has been ranked as No 8 globally and top 1 in Asia by Financial times. The duration is 18 months (with 12-month option), including internship and an international exchange programme with around 30 of the world’s leading business schools.  Following a unique positioning of China Depth, Global Breadth, CEIBS offers the richest China expertise available from top-tier international business schools worldwide, while also providing the broadest global perspective from among all China-based business schools. The CEIBS MBA is the first, among the largest and the highest ranked within mainland China; it is a shining example of successful China-EU cooperation, and a showcase to the achievements of China’s economic development and reform.

Ranked 4th by Forbes international 2-year programs ranking, 2015

Ranked 17th in the world by The Financial Times general ranking, 2016

Ranked 11th in the world by The Financial Times general ranking, 2015

Ranked 17th in the world by The Financial Times general ranking, 2014

Ranked 21st by BusinessWeek international full-time MBA ranking, 2015

Admission Requirements:

– A bachelor’s degree or above

– Full-time work experience of two years or longer

– A GMAT/GRE score or CEIBS Admission Test score

– Proficiency in English

Application Checklist:

–    MBA application form (including essays)

–    2 letters of recommendation

–    University degree and certificate

–    University transcript

–    ID or passport

–    Application fee receipt

–    Official GMAT/GRE score report

–    Business card

–    Corporate sponsor statement (if applicable)

The admission process runs in 3 rounds with deadlines in November, January and March.

Program Statistics:

Average GMAT score – 682

Class size – 179

International students – 33.5%

Average student age – 29

Women student – 40%

Average student work experience – 5.8

Scholarships offered – Yes

Average salary 3 months post study (USD) – Median: approximately 65000 USD/ annual

% employed 3 months post study – 92%

The degree: Full Time MBA

Duration of studies: 18 months

Starting date: August

Tuition: tuition fee for the 18-month MBA programme for the MBA2018 class is RMB 395,000

Location: Shanghai, China

Program website:

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