Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 coronavirus, several top MBA programs have extended their final application deadlines for the MBA programs that start in September 2020 to help Round 3 applicants. We, at ARINGO MBA Admissions, have noticed a rise in the R3 applications. Our analysis is suggesting that now, might be the right time to apply to a top MBA program vs. waiting for next year’s deadlines from the following reasons:

  • The admissions for MBA programs starting in 2021 might get harder and more selective due to a large number of admitted candidates who will be deferring their studies (= fewer places)
  • Additionally, many candidates are losing their jobs / rethinking their future and will want to pursue a top MBA program (=more candidates). In any case, past recessions tended to increase enrollment

Round 3 (or the “new round 4”) might be a unique opportunity for many candidates to apply and make it into the September 2020 studies. historically, we have seen low round 3 acceptance rates, but this will change this round due to a high amount of international applicants who will be deferring their studies to next year due to the coronavirus implications and the difficulty of issuing visas in time.

Here are the new top MBA deadlines for round 3:

SchoolOriginal Final DeadlineNew Extended Deadline
Chicago BoothApril 2May 31
ColumbiaApril 10June 1
KelloggApril 8June 1 (Anyone who applies after April 8 is being considered on a rolling basis)
Berkeley HaasApril 2June 1
Dartmouth TuckMarch 30June 1
Duke FuquaMarch 11May 19
Michigan RossMarch 30May 29
MIT SloanApril 9June 15
Northwestern KelloggApril 8June 1
NYU SternMarch 15May 1
UCLA AndersonApril 16June 1 for applications, July 1 for GMAT
Cornell Tech April 24
CMU Tepper Rolling admission: June 1 – July 31
Emory GoizuetaMarch 20July 1
Indiana KelleyApril 15June 1
LBS June 4
Oxford May 29
Vanderbilt OwenApril 6June 1
Virginia DardenApril 6July 15
UNC Kenan FlaglerApril 6July 13
Washington FosterMarch 17May 19
Yale SOMApril 14May 27
USC MarshallApril 15May 1; added round 5 – June 5