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Upon completion of my MBA, my goal is to continue growing in the entertainment industry as a corporate strategy manager for a leading studio, such as Lionsgate, Paramount, Twentieth Century Fox or Sony Pictures. In this position, I will gain a deep understanding of the ins and outs of decision-making, goal-attainment, and growth-enhancement at a media company. Intertwined with my undergraduate knowledge, professional experience and MBA degree, working in strategy will allow me to hone the skills needed to become an influencer in the field.

My experience with the community has underlined the importance of teamwork, passion and community to success, values I plan to incorporate during my time at USC Marshall. My main goal at Marshall is professional growth and opportunity, however, I believe the best way to achieve it is by fostering a united community that support one another in his or her success.

Aside from academics and recruitment support, I plan to engage with the Business of Entertainment Association, which will offer opportunities such as networking and company treks that are relevant to my field. Additionally, the Graduate Women in Business will contribute to my development as a female leader and promote a supportive female community. Moreover, I intend to become a leader in clubs, a member of the Marshall Graduate Student Association, and a participator in the Challenge for Charity competition. Through these activities, I will become an involved member and a leader in the community.

Having talked Danielle Dollinsky, a current student, I see USC Marshall and USC in general as a school that encourages its students to collaborate, empower, support and learn from one another. Per my experiences and values, I will be thrilled to become a member of such a community, create meaningful friendships with my fellow students as we take steps to further our careers, and make Marshall a supportive and inclusive home to all.

I believe that my unique combination of leadership and analytical skills, acquired throughout my professional career and military service, combined with the understanding of human behavior that I developed while studying psychology, will enable me to be a strong contributor to the USC community.

Throughout my life, I have been involved within the community. While I was earning my bachelor’s degree, war broke out in my country. Many civilians found themselves under fire and without adequate protection, some with special needs and others desperate for emotional and mental support. As a psychology student learning about trauma, mental illness and PTSD, I didn’t hesitate when the Students Union asked for volunteers from the psychology department to initiate various projects. Our mission was to help civilians in the country’s most dangerous areas, where our help was needed most. We were 20 volunteers visiting more than 800 bomb shelters, delivering food and necessities to a total of 3,000 families. The situation calmed down, however not long after, war broke out again – more intensively and for a longer duration. I approached the Student Union and initiated a second project. This time I recruited and led 60 student volunteers, some from other school departments. This time our responsibilities included not only providing psychological support, but also acting as substitute teachers in over 20 kindergartens.

Speaking with ______ (MBA 2019), I heard about the strong sense of community on USC’s campus, and the wide variety of extracurricular activities headed by students. I am especially excited about the Graduate Marketing Association (GMA), where I will be able to gain experience and knowledge, as well as contribute from my past experiences to other association members. I also intend to bring my previous experience in initiating volunteer projects and fundraising events to the USC community by joining the Volunteer Center and by becoming an Alternative Break Trip Coordinator in the Alternative Break (AB) program. As such, I will be able to enhance students’ volunteering experience by planning and executing pre-trip marketing, recruitment and informational meetings. I am also delighted that my love of helping others and volunteering for a good cause will have an outlet in the Challenge 4 Charity weekend. I plan to organize a stellar team and together win the Golden Briefcase, by making a year-round impact through our activities in the AB program, as well as personal volunteering.

Finally, while I was working at ______, as we had no HR department, I took upon myself the aspect of fostering a true team feeling in the office. This included initiating bowling nights, weekly happy hours and company outings – all to keep the team spirit up, which I felt had a direct impact on the work everyone did and on general employee satisfaction. I plan to bring to Marshall my people skills and my high energy to initiate extracurricular events, meetups and study groups, which I believe can help unite our class and bring great satisfaction and pride in being a part of the Trojan Family.

Following my MBA, I plan to become a Marketing Manager at a global multi-billion dollar fast-moving-consumer-goods (FMCG) company, such as Johnson & Johnson, Nestle or Procter & Gamble. Having worked in hi-tech marketing, and now as a consultant for FMCG clients, a Marshall MBA will help me fill in the gaps, by teaching me the theories, models and other analytical tools needed to become a successful Marketing Manager at an FMCG company. There I will need to analyze market trends to position products, develop product marketing strategies and work with various teams to implement those strategies.

As a Product Manager at an innovative, feeless mobile bank, I’ve understood FinTech’s limitless potential for providing value and efficiency to consumers far beyond what traditional finance systems offer.

In the short-term, I plan expand my impact and expertise in FinTech by working as a Product Manager in an Innovation Lab at an international finance group such as Citi. There, I’ll learn more about FinTech’s interface with other financial institutions, banks, creditors, investors, and key regulatory bodies in several markets, and have access to an international customer-base, enabling me to develop a nuanced understanding of universal banking needs worldwide.

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